Tuesday, May 09, 2006

God's Minute

May 9

Incline my heart to Thy testimonies.--Psalm 119:36

OUR FATHER, we thank Thee for the gift of life, for soundness of body and sanity of mind, for keeness of conscience and strength of will, for power of choice and privilege of service. We thank Thee that Thou settest the solitary in families, for membership in the great family circle where Thou art our Father. We lift our hearts to Thee in thanksgiving for all the gifts that make life so rich and worth living--for love of father, mother, brother, sister. We thank Thee for friends, for education, for our country.

We ask Thee for power to live as we ought, to serve as we should. We ask Thee to bless our family, our neighborhood, our city, our state, our nation. Grant Thy grace upon those that Thou hast placed to govern and lead us. Grant Thy wisdom to our teachres, Thy blessing upon our schools, hospitals, prisons, that our of sorrow and suffering we may gain strength and patience. Make and keep the nations of the earth righteous, that we may have peace. Lead us through the valley of the shadow of death to the city where there is no night, no sin, no sorrow, no death.

All these favors we ask through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


Orrin Philip Gifford, D.D.,
Brookline, Massachusetts

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