Wednesday, May 31, 2006

God's Minute

May 31

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him.--Psalm 145:18

O THOU, God and Father of us all, Thou art over all Thy children--over all their joys and sorrows, God blessed forever. Thou art the light of the living, the refuge of the dying, and our eternal home. Thou hast placed us here in families, and dost unite the hearts that make the happiest homes. Thou hast lead us most graciously in the past. Our yesterdays are luminous with Thy mercies. Through dangers seen and unseen; through doors which have opened as strangely as by an angels' hand, Thou has led us, and always safely. On the smiling surface of life Thou hast wafted us by favoring breezes, and when the surges of trouble arise, we trust that we shall not be borne away from Thee, but nearer to Thee, and into closer fellowship with the only real and abiding world--the spiritual. Comfort the mourners. Walk with them all their life's journey. Strengthen them as Thou alone canst, and light "the shadows of earth's little while." Thou art the Lord of life and death. If we are united to Thee by a living faith, nothing can separate us from Thee and Thy gracious guidance. As the distance shortens, and the flesh fails, may mind and heart become more and more stayed upon Thee; may every duty become more joyous because done unto Thee, and a part of our high calling inChrist Jesus.


Rev. Daniel Dorchester, A.M., Ph.D.,
Lexington, Massachusetts

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