Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Speaking of cats. . .

"there's more than one way to skin a cat. . ."

We don't want to skin our cat, Buster, but we are thinking of having him shaved groomed (doesn't that sound better?)

You see, Buster is a silver tabby persian with a medium length triple coat. Which means a lot of hair and a lot of shedding. We've been living with battling the hair for many years now. I don't like it. but we love Buster so we put up with it.

But now Buster is too fat to groom his back. He just can't get his plump body into the right position to get to it! And so he is developing some mats that I can't remove. I can tell they are making him uncomfortable.

I talked to the groomer at PetSmart last night and she said that they can shave groom him down into a "lion" cut and all will be right in Buster's world. (after a few days of humiliation)

I'm not sure about this. . .

What do you think? Any opinions? Should we go for it?

This poor critter looks humiliated, doesn't he?

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