Monday, May 15, 2006

They're Heeeere

About two weeks ago I posted a picture of our Mama Robin sitting on her nest and another picture of the five eggs she is incubating.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my reading chair, near the window when thought I heard a strange, wispy, thin sounding chirp. I suspected the eggs had hatched, but from my "catbird seat" I could still only see Mama.

First thing this morning I peeked out at the nest and saw Mama perched on the side and the nest filled with little pinkish gray lumps. They were not moving. At all. I thought they had died from the cold and rain. However, just about an hour later I peaked again to see both Mama and Papa Robin busily feeding babies. That's an exaggeration because I still haven't seen the babies moving, I only saw the parents' heads dipping down and back.

I didn't know that Papa helps feed the chicks, but I have noticed a Robin perching in our neighbor's Blue Spruce and I have wondered if he could be the Papa. Now I know.

I'll try to get a picture of Papa and pictures of them both feeding the babies if I can, but for now, if you're as interested and intrigued by this sort of thing as I am, here's a link to a site about American Robins. (I should make it clear that I did not take the picture above; I found it at the link I provided. It does look quite a bit like our little robin chicks, but ours are probably a bit older--they are gray.)

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[UPDATE] We finally saw the babies--twice! We saw the parents feeding them regurgitated food, and then Tom and I also saw her offering them a worm. Poor worm was wriggling like crazy to get away and the babies were NOT interested, but Mama just patiently kept dangling it over them.

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