Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Treasures

I found this Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt block at a flea market in Glasgow, KY about 10 years ago. I paid all of a dollar for it, too. I always feel sad somehow when I come across unfinished quilt blocks. I wonder why they never became part of a family memory, why they never got to cover up a little girl in Grandma's big bed or a favorite doll. I don't rescue every individual quilt block that I see in an antique shop, but I love the vintage fabrics in this piece and you just can't beat the price!

I took it home and layered it up with some batting and a muslin back and began to quilt it, but somehow, I just never could bring myself to finish it off. I'm sure it seems strange, but I wonder if this patch should remain as it is; layered up and partially quilted.

I have taught several friends how to quilt and I use this small patch as an example to teach them the vocabulary of quilting and to show examples of layering up and basting and quilting "in the ditch."

double click on images to see more detail

So now that you have seen one of my quilting treasures, what do you think? Should I finish it?

Leave me a vote in the comments and then go see Faith to find the rest of today's Tuesday Treasures.

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