Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Addition and an Invitation

This may be the very first time I've ever read a blog, subscribed to it, put it in my sidebar, and then recommended that everyone go and visit all in the same day.

The blog I am recommending is called Attention Span, by rev-ed.  I've seen him mentioned before and  have seen his comments on a few other blogs I read, but today, on the advice of my friend, Carol, I visited his blog.  Not only is he a very engaging writer, from what I have read thus far his blog is substantive.  He's a pastor and so, his blog reflects that, both in its theological content and its pastoral tone. 

I realize that lots of you are saying, "Hey, where have YOU been?"  But others of you may not know about this excellent blog and so I invite you to go see for yourself.

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