Sunday, June 04, 2006

God's Minute

June 4

Make confession unto the Lord God of your fathers.--Ezra 10:11

OUR Father in Heaven, we bow before Thee in gratitude for the care of the night, and for the light and hope of the new day. Grant that we may enter upon it in the joy of forgiven sin. Bring us to its close with souls unstained by conscious disobedience. Give us wisdom through the indwelling of Thy Holy Spirit that the choices of the day may be right. Keep us from the follies into which we shall be tempted to fall; preserve us from harm and danger of every kind. Bestow upon us the grace of love. Help us to love Thee and Thy Kingdom, and our fellow men. Let Thy gracious presence today attend all with whom our lives are linked. Give them every blessing we ask for ourselves. Be in the hearts and homes especially present to our daily thoughts. Keep from sin and shame and harm all who are dear to us. Have mercy upon Thy people of all creeds and tongues. Build up a holy Church throughout the world. Give victory to those who in hard places witness for Christ. Deal tenderly with men everywhere who have missed the way. Minister to the poor and the sick, the prisoner, and the oppressed. Rebuke and save those who plot evil against their neighbor. Win victory for Thyself in the affairs of our nation, and the nations of the earth. We offer these our morning prayers in the Name of Thy Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Rev. Hubert C. Herring,
Boston, Massachusetts

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