Monday, June 05, 2006

They're BAaaaakkk!

Last month I had a great time watching a Mama Robin raise a brood of baby robins in the tree by my front door. From eggs to empty nest I was engaged each day in spying on my little vistors. I was sad for a few days after I found the nest empty. I watched for the little ones for a few days, thinking I might see them under the bushes or out in the yard, but I never saw them again.

Last night, for some strange reason, two very angry Robins started dive bombing my husband when he walked under the tree to grab the hose to water our flowers. They were very unhappy with him and even after he left the proximity of the tree, the two birds squawked and carried on something fierce. When he put the hose away, he peeked into the nest--just in case. Still empty.

But this morning, Mama is back, sitting on the nest. I wonder. . .do you suppose?

[UPDATE: So far, there is one egg in the nest. Yes, I've been spying.]

I've been watching Mama Bird all morning. I was pretty sure she was laying more eggs (looked like she was doing lamaze. . .) and since she didn't seem to mind, I kept watching, hoping to see her drop an egg into the nest. I didn't actually see it happen, but when I turned on the air conditioning a few minutes ago and closed the front window, she flew off for a minute and I got to count--4 eggs so far!)

Sue, who watched the last "clutch" with her grandson, left a great link in the comments. Apparently, this isn't all that uncommon. Take a few minutes to go visit that link and learn a little more about a bird that we, if you're like me, tend to take for granted.

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