Monday, June 05, 2006

Second verse, same as the first. . .

. . .almost! Jules tagged me for this meme today. Here are my answers from last November. I don't want to change a thing, except the last seven. I'm tagging some new friends.

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Grow in grace and truth
2. Visit Ireland
3. Face death with confidence and peace
4. See my boys happily married to godly women (one down, two to go!)
5. Pray with my grandchildren
6. Teach my granddaughters to cook
7. Open a bed and breakfast

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Read a map
2. Give up on the people I love
3. Keep houseplants alive
4. Relax when the house is a mess
5. Chat on the phone
6. Keep a straight face
7. Dance

Seven things that attract me to my husband:

1. He makes me laugh every day
2. He remembers the little things
3. He is very handsome
4. He loves my cooking
5. He is patient
6. He is growing in the Lord
7. He loves our children and prays for them

Seven things I say most often:

1. “Hurry Up!” (same thing as “go potty” to my dogs)
2. “Get down!”
3. “What a good girl!”
4. “Go get in your bed!”
5. “Drop it.”
6. “Wait”
7. “Sit” (yes, I do talk to my dogs—they are voice activated)
(Please don’t think I only talk to my dogs; I talk to my cats and all the people in my house, too, but I don’t say the same things repeatedly to them as often as the dogs)

Seven books (or a series of books) I love:

1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
2. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
3. God’s Minute by L.M. Cross
4. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
5. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
6. The Complete Works of Jonathan Edwards
7. True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer

Seven Movies I’d Watch Over and Over Again:

1. The Princess Bride
2. A Christmas Story
3. Waking Ned Divine
4. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings
5. Citizen Kane
6. Elf
7. Milo and Otis

Seven people I’d like to tag:

1. Overwhelmed at Overwhelmed with Joy!
2. Jill at Holding Short @33 and Bravo
3. Island Sparrow at A Sparrow's Home
4. Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
5. Susie at Susie's Space
6. Andrew at A Stark Place
7. Beck at Frog and Toad are Friends

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