Wednesday, June 07, 2006

God's Minute

June 7

The prayer of faith shall save the sick.--James 5:15

OUR FATHER who art in Heaven, we kneel before Thee in this home which Thou hast given us, and in which Thou hast blessed us. As we rejoice in the good things of this earthly home, help us not to forget the better home on high, which Thou hast prepared for them that love Thee, and in which we shall someday dwell with Thee and with loved ones gone before.

Provide us today our daily bread, and feed not only our bodies, but feed also our souls with the "bread of life" even Jesus Christ.

Keep Thou our feet today, that they may not go into evil places; keep Thou also the door of our lips that no unkind or unclean word may pass them; create within us clean hearts, for "out of them are the issues of life;" and whatsoever our hands find to do, may we do it "heartily, as unto the Lord."

Bless with Thy healing touch all sick and troubled ones. May Thy grace abound unto them and be sufficient for them. Hide all our loved ones, as under the shadow of Thy wings, that no evil or harm may befall them. Lead us all in the good and perfect way. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Rev. John W. Springer,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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