Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God's Minute

June Twentieth

The Lord loveth the righteous.--Psalm 146:8

O LORD, our God! We present ourselves to Thee in the Name of Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Saviour. Give us a joyous sense of our acceptance with Thee in Him. May the Spirit of Thy Son in us now cry "Abba: Father."

We would know Thee more and more. Reveal Thyself to us increasingly in Thy Word, and in the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. We would love Thee; show us Thy love. We will then trust Thee always, and we will serve Thee in all we think and say and do. Accept and seal us in all this, our Heavenly Father. Loving and serving Thee, we will love and serve all Thy creatures, and especially our fellow men as members of the great family of God on earth. We will regard none of our powers or possessions as our own. We will see every one the other's good, and "thus fulfil the law of Christ." Every day fulfil Thy Will and accomplish Thy purpose in and through us, and thus prepare us to meet Thee, and be with Thee, and be filled with Thee, and made Thy instruments in ever higher, richer, and more blessed service, through eternity.

We ask this not for ourselves alone, but for all Thy people and finally for all mankind, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Rev. J.R. Johnston,
Preston, Ontario, Canada

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