Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Hatchlings

This morning I heard that same thin, lifeless sound coming from Mama Robin that I had heard the last time the eggs hatched. Not really a chirp, it's more of a mournful, high pitched lisping sound.

Just now I was out bringing the dogs indoors and I noticed that Mama Bird, who has been very unhappy with us for the past several days, was no where to be seen or heard. I took the opportunity to step under the tree and hold the camera over the nest and snap a picture. The nest is above my head, so I couldn't really see them until I downloaded the picture. Poor little naked birdies. It 90 degrees and sunny here today, but I'm still worried about them.

I thought there were 4 eggs, but it looks like there are only three babies. Hard to tell what's what at this stage, though, isn't it?

I wonder where the egg shells went. More than that I wonder where the Mama Robin went. . .

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