Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Sabbath Prayer

Heavenly Father, on this Sabbath morning we come before you and offer up our prayers and our petitions. We are mindful, not only that you are our Father, but that you are Holy and righteous. We are thankful that Christ Jesus, our Savior and our Elder Brother, goes before us and intercedes for us in Your presence. We are amazed that You have called us to be Your children and have united us with Christ.

As we prepare to enter into worship with Your people, help us to compose our thoughts and prepare our hearts to meet with You. May Your Word be preached in Spirit and in Truth. May your servants tremble at Your Word. Some will be communing with You at Your table this morning. Father, help Your people to come to You prepared to receive in a worthy manner and so be refreshed and sustained in Your presence.

There are those who come burdened down by trials and temptations. Through the preaching of Your Word, help them to lay their burdens on Christ and receive rest for their souls. There are those who are discouraged and in despair. Help them to cast their cares upon You. There are those come disinterested and resentful, their eyes being blind to the Gospel of Grace. Lord, if it be Your will, help them to see that they are poor in spirit--having nothing, in need of everything; open their eyes and ears so that they can see their need and run to the One who is able to save them.

May You be glorified in the church today.

In the Name of Christ, our Savior and our King,


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