Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday Treasures

I'm posting on the fly today, but I didn't want to miss out on today's Tuesday Treasure.

These are mementos of one of my favorite places--The Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Although we only lived in Lancaster for two years, I loved it there and it was one of my all time favorite places to live. I'd move back there in a heart beat.

The Central Market is downtown in the center of the city and is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the nation. It is located in the original firehouse for the City of Lancaster and some of the booths around the perimeter are actually housed in the former horse stalls. I loved going to the Central Market for fresh vegetables and flowers, a special cut of meat or exotic cheese. The place was filled with wonderful sights and smells and sounds. There was something romantic about roaming from booth to booth, chatting with the proprietors and just generally soaking up the atmosphere of downtown Lancaster.

Tom and the boys bought me these pottery pieces and the hand painted wooden replica when we found out that we would be moving away. They wanted us to have a little piece of Lancaster Central Market to take along with us.

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