Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Garden in mid-June

I promised Rebecca that I would post up some pictures of my "garden" when I had time. This morning seems a good time to do it since it is raining here and I am unable to get outside.

My "garden" is really simply beds scattered around my yard. For the most part, our yard is very shady, so I have had to be creative and find a way to tuck a few sun loving plants into the sunny nooks and crannies of the yard.

Today I will post pictures of my vegetables. I have a small strip of ground beside my garage that gets sun late in the day--well, part of it does anyway. . .

Here is my small veggie garden. I have two cherry tomatoes and one grape tomato planted here. I have found that since the sunny times are limited, cherry and grape tomatoes have a better chance to ripen fully and as they are prolific bearers, we still have an abundance of tomatoes to be used in salad, on sandwiches and in fresh sauce. At the end of the row are two peppers, an poblano and a serrano.

Opposite the fence, against the garage, and presently between the yard waste that is waiting to be taken to the curb on Friday, are three volunteer tomato plants from last year. They receive even less sun in this position, however, they will continue to grow at a slower pace and then begin bearing later in the summer and then into the fall until a killing frost, so we do not despise their small beginnings! And yes, they are planted quite close together, but they grow so slowly in this spot that it really doesn't matter--they just fill in.

There is another section of my garage garden, but you'll have to wait for my next post for that!

There is one other small plot tucked into this "sunny spot." This is my small cutting garden. Planted here are perennials that supply my dining room and the table in my sunroom with flower arrangements throughout the summer. Shasta daisies, cone flowers (purple and a new wine colored one this year), black eyed Susan, babies breath, two varieties of lavender, painted daisies, and capanula.

Here is my newest veggie bed. This is in a sunny spot in my front yard. Yes, my front yard. Here I have planted two more pepper plants; a super cayenne and a thai pepper. Both will become quite bushy with glossy leaves bearing colorful peppers. Last year I noticed how ornamental these pepper bushes looked, all tucked back there beside the garage and decided I'd try them out front, where we do get more sun. I wonder what my neighbors will think. . .

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