Thursday, June 01, 2006

God's Minute

June 1

He heareth the prayer of the righteous.--Proverbs 15:29

GRACIOUS and loving Father, with what tenderness Thou has guarded and guided us! Gratefully we acknowledge Thy goodness.

We crave a closer fellowship with Thee. Show us the plan and program of life marked out for us in Thy loving kindness and infinite wisdom. The struggle up is hard. O empower us for life's tasks and temptations. Grant us trustful resignation where mystery surrounds the way Home. Keep us calm while all about us is turbulent. Keep us patient when conditions are most trying. May the Redemptive Passion of Jesus Christ be in reality imparted to us, so that we shall delight to render humble service to Thee. Help us to love our fellow men. Make us willing to undertake hard and apparently impossible tasks when we are impressed that it is Thy will. We would know the truth. Reward us with revelations which will build us and bless us. We pray for those in deep affliction. Teach us how to bear comfort to the sad, hope to the discouraged, peace to the troubled, confidence to the belated and overwhelmed. On every child of humanity may the healing rays from the Sun of Righteousness fall. Make us ready for service and sacrifice. Protect us, and provide for all our needs, and grant the forgiveness of all sin, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


A.Z. Conrad, D.D.,

Boston, Massachusetts

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