Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Morning, Blogging Buddies

Oh, it is a good morning!

Last night I read Momrn2's call for rejoicing as she announced that the doctors were releasing her daughter from the hospital and they were going HOME! Momrn2 put out a Plea for Prayer back on May 18th (that's a long time ago!!) and prayers began going up to the Great Physician on behalf of this wee little one.

As a part of our rejoicing and celebrating God's goodness with our friend, we'd like to extend some cheery get well wishes to "the wee one." Here's what you can do. Post up a "get well, welcome home, praying for you post" on your blog. Carol, from She Lives, is going to post up a Mr. Linky on her blog so that all the cards will be linked there and Momrn2 and the wee one can find them all in one place. So, once your post is ready (Here's the hyperlink to the Mr. Linky) it'll be as easy as pie to share our love and prayers and our thankfulness for God's loving kindness and faithfulness with this sweet family.

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