Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday VIII

I love candles. They bring a certain charm to a room and coziness to the dining table, don't they? What I don't love is cleaning votives. Chipping out old wax, trying to melt it out, burning my fingers. . .knowing I'd have to clean out the holder made lighting those votives much less appealing.

However, when I lived across from the Root Candle Factory for a few short months, I learned a valuable trick for making votive clean up fast and easy. Before you drop that new votive candle into the holder, add just enough water to the votive holder to cover the bottom. As the wax melts and drips over the side, the water moves up the side of the votive. When it's time to clean it, grab what's left of the candle by the wick and it pops right out! You might have a tiny bit of wax clinging to the side of the glass, but this trick really makes it easier.

So get out your votive candles tonight! Clean up is easier than you thought!

If you want to find some more helpful hints, don't forget to visit Shannon!

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