Monday, February 20, 2006

God's Minute 2/20

February 20

He forgetteth not the cry of the humble.--Psalm 9:12

DEAR LORD, our Friend and our Saviour: Thy children come to Thy feet and look up into Thy face, for we know that Thou dost love us and that Thou art waiting for us. Be Thou ever the center of our family life, and make us find our peace and our happiness in Thy presence. Our home can be blessed only when we know that Thou art with us. Help us to love one another as Thou dost love us; to be gentle and unselfish and forgiving; to be good children of our Heavenly Father. When we are troubled, do Thou quiet our fears. When we are tempted, do Thou grant us the victory. When we are sick, may Thine everlasting arms enfold us; and when we go astray, O dear Shepherd, seek us and bring us home again. May our hearts be glad in the knowledge of Thy love. May our thoughts be pure because Thou rulest them. Let the sunshine of Thy favor drive away all shadows, and may we sing in the gladness of our spirits, since Thou art our Guardian and Friend, and therefore no harm can befall us. Help us to grow daily more like Thee, and at last take us to Thy Home, where we shall be happy forever.

Hear our prayer, dear Christ, and help us and bless us, for Thine own dear sake.


Floyd W. Tomkins, B.D., LL.D.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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