Thursday, June 01, 2006

And the winner is. . .

Well, actually, I only had two players so, since it is my contest and since I said my choice would likely be arbitrary, I choose two winners:

From Miss Mellifluous:

Calcandidus Micansastrum Peregrinus
; the common name; 'beautiful-white sparkler-like wanderer'.

And from Carol:

Sine Nominus (Latin for "without a name" or "unnamed")

Both answers were clever and I like that.

Honorable Mention:

La Belle Fleur sans Merci (The Beautiful, Merciless Flower)

To understand the genesis of this name required the reading a a John Keats poem. Always a good thing. Can't really say I understand the poem, but I feel more cultured having read it.

I'll begin work on the prizes today and will post pictures once they are completed.

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