Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Treasure: Framed Leaves

I collected these leaves and framed them while we lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We only lived there two short years, but I loved living there.

The leaves in the two larger frames came from the trees that grew in the front of our house. They were framed fresh, without pressing, so they started out a brilliant green color. The leaves in the smaller frame, which were framed in the same manner, are from the row of ginkgo trees that grow outside Lancaster's Central Market. Ginkgos are my most favorite trees and the Central Market is one of my favorite places, so I have really enjoyed having this little piece of Lancaster hanging in my house.

As you can tell, over the years the color has gone from green to brown and now to a more faded hue. I think they get prettier every year. Someday I will probably have to change to a darker background, but for now, I enjoy the subtle changes the years have brought.

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